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Published: 18th May 2011
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Wood industrial company "SAVA" ad founded in 1949. year and we are proud tradition of 60 years during which we became a leader in the manufacture of flooring and lumber in Serbia and beyond.
We've perfected the production technology and build a system of enviable quality. Complete production process is carried out on the latest equipment, the most famous world manufacturers: parquet flooring is produced in the machine manufacturer in the world's most famous "SCHROEDER, a drying chamber type " BOLMAR "and" INCOMAC "have a capacity of 400m ł with computer-controlled drying system.

Decking is the flooring of oak tree that fits the specific requirements of the customer. It is characterized by greater length and width, which filled the space and the ability to provide elegance with modern furnishing and rustic furniture. The laying of floors we bring into our homes is one of the most beautiful parts of nature - wood. In addition to these features, beautiful vibrant colors and textures decking becomes a choice of buyers.
After laying the decking can be painted different bajcovati and varnishes and oils. Lately, more and more flooring is supplied as an oiled, finished flooring. Since oil paints on natural eco-based, oiled floors are the healthiest types of flooring.

Our products:

1. Wood floor
2. Oak floor
3. Ash floor
4. Termo floor
5. Marine deck
6. Wooden facade
7. Decking system
8. Wood products

Raw materials oak flooring is continued Spačva forest and encompasses the area Morović, and Višnjićevo. For the connoisseur of the area indicates that these are the best and highest quality oak. It offers an extremely natural characteristic and consistent color. Oak flooring is made on the latest Schroeder machine which gives the ideal geometry.

Maple flooring has excellent technical characteristics. "He has a bright red color that is subject to additional treatment (staining) in different tones. Ash flooring is mainly used for covering sports halls, because the surface is sufficiently elastic and durable to meet the highest standards of such facilities.

Wooden facades represent the latest trend in decorating the exterior of your home. Innovative technology has allowed the resistance of wood in all weather conditions.
Wood is the only natural and environmentally friendly material that ensures perfect insulation and healthy living under your roof! Curtain wall use our Thermotreated clear showing incredibly high property when it comes to external objects. Shades of wood that we have chosen will show your property in a whole new light. Warm, high quality and durable. You can choose between several colors, giving a personal touch objects. Can be used on houses, buildings, sports facilities, restaurants, and wherever you want ...

Definitely, in our opinion, a product that will most certainly in 2011. year interest part of Serbia and neighboring countries is Thermotreated ASH which showed high properties in various weather conditions. For the product we have taken our quality ASH who are in special chambers for termotretiranje wooden products exhibited high temperatures. Depending on the time which is exposed wood, we got a product that has several important advantages over wood that has not been treated.

1. The first change was apparent immediately, and that is:

Change the color - the wood is changing nuances depending on the temperature and time termotretiranja. The result: We got a lovely shade of which is our favorite "cognac color. This color provides an incredible feeling of warmth and exclusivity.

2. Then came the testing of products that took a while ...

We exhibited by different weather conditions, coming up with results that Thermotreated wood much better, and therefore the longer and more resilient.

3. The application of this product:

The product is širokoprimenljiv and with other characteristics is extremely valuable when it comes to looks, resilience and durability. It can be placed in the following places:

- Flooring (like flooring)

- Furniture

- Terraces and gardens (for this purpose we suggest deking systems)

- Interiors

- Exterior (Cladding) - you can braid their facilities with natural materials.

- Around the pool - a great luxury solutions

- For ships, yachts and boats - Thermotreated clear we adapted the conditions at sea and rivers.

Conclusion: Completely new product that is widely used. It is characterized by: an exclusive look, high quality, durability and resistance to various weather conditions and insects. In addition to the above mentioned features, is completely natural product (100% wood) and the long term and profitable ...

For more information about Thermotreated ash can view links or call us at any of our phones. Additional information below.

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